Our expertise is seen not only in the end result, but in every step of the way through the process.

  • History

    Since 2008, The Time-lapse Company has delivered over 150 time-lapse projects. Our experience in the Mining, Construction, Infrastructure, Government and Defence sectors means we understand the needs for safety, reliability and minimal disruption to site.

    We have developed proprietary technology to help protect your site, eliminating site hazards relating to our work including: working at heights, excavation and trenching, heavy machinery and environmental impacts.

  • Approach

    Our process and technology deliver value and peace of mind, whilst setting industry benchmarks. We use RAW images, the highest quality file format available. We take care of the whole process, providing true end-to-end project management, including installation, data management, daily quality control, maintenance and post-production.

  • People

    We’ve pulled together some of the most dynamic minds in Australia to deliver our premium service. Our skill diversity, and depth of experience, means that we can offer everything from bespoke hardware to internal data management cleared for defence contracts. In fact, our people are why the Time-lapse Company is the only choice to showcase your project.

  • Policies
  • Sally BrowneGeneral Manager

    Sally is the General Manager of The Time-lapse Company. Sally’s extensive management experience, corporate wizardry and positive attitude ensures maximum efficiency internally and maximum value for your investment.

  • Cameron DaviesDirector

    As the Founder and Director of The Time-lapse Company, Cameron is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of long-term time-lapse photography. Cameron’s previous career as an award winning Director of Photography has set the standards for the professionalism and quality that The Time-lapse Company are renown for.

  • Carolyn GannellBDM

    As the Business Development Manager it’s Carolyn you’ll speak to first. Once she has discussed your objectives you can be sure she will design and execute the best solution for your project. You will be blown away with her ability to get your project setup, she’s phenomenal.